Breast augmentation was something that I always wanted to do, but I was afraid of the surgery procedure and the potential pain. I finally got encouraged to proceed with the plastic surgery when I met Dr. Iliana who ensured me that it is an easy procedure with rapid recovery. Dr. Eliana and her staff ensured I had a smooth prep and surgery. Only few hours after the surgery I was feeling so good that I walked down the hallway of the clinic waiting for the discharge. My doctor prescribed painkillers. I bought them but never used them. Dr. Eliana is a wonderful surgeon, and the staff is helpful and kind. What I will remember most is how comfortable she made me feel when preparing for surgery. She was constantly with me and offered the mental relief and peace of mind that a patient needs before surgery. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines personal care for a patient and outstanding quality of medical service. She loves her job, and this love is passed on to the patient. Excellent experience from start to finish.
Being a FF Cup and having a small frame, I had severe back and breast pain. I began developing lumps and after visiting a doctor with this issue, he suggested a breast reduction and recommended Dr Iliana. From our first meeting, she was warm and extremely compassionate. I instantly felt safe and at ease. The surgery proved harder than Dr Iliana had predicted as my breasts were mostly fibrocystic growths. Despite this, post-surgery, the swelling and pain were minimal. As a 22-year-old, I was also concerned about the aesthetic results. Iliana worked her magic and I now have very tidy and thin scars, the symmetry and shape are incredible. I am only 2 months post-surgery and I couldn’t be happier. I feel like they have always been a part of me and most days I find it hard to believe that they have been surgically altered. I’m so glad I went with my gut instinct and trusted Iliana because she is a truly skilled surgeon and I cannot praise and thank her enough.
Dr Strouthou is a great doctor with love and interest for her patient. After actively seeking for medical treatment, in Cyprus, Greece for 2,5 years I was unsuccessful. I finally met Dr Strouthou in Germany. After identifying the source of my condition, I had reconstructive surgery on my foot hand and my face. With her assistance and support, I was finally given a chance for a better quality of life. After 3,5 years of pain and struggles i now can smile again. Thank you Dr Strouthou so much for all you have done for me and my family.
Upon meeting Dr. Iliana Strouthou I felt positive she was the one to proceed with, she made me feel confident that she was an exceptional surgeon from our first meeting. Dr. Strouthou made me feel comfortable with my decision for cosmetic surgery and answered all my questions and eased my anxiety. Her results were beyond my expectations. Her staff are also amazing, supportive and enthusiastic. I felt comfortable and at ease before, during and after the surgery. Highly recommended!
Following a road traffic accident, I was dealing with a chronic condition for years. Despite actively seeking for medical treatment, in Cyprus, Greece and Israel, I was unsuccessful. I finally met Dr Strouthou in Germany. After identifying the source of my chronic condition, I had reconstructive surgery. With her assistance and support, I was finally given options and a chance for a better quality of life. You are an exceptional Doctor and a compassionate person. Thank you!!!!
Dr. Iliana Strouthou is five star rated professional. It’s rare to find a doctor that combines, personal touches and cares for her patient. She offers outstanding quality in her specialization in regards’ to, plastic surgery and reconstruction. Dr. Iliana Strouthou is truly making the difference in the medical field with her amazing staff.
The best doctor with magic hands! I did not feel, and now I feel! You know what I am talking about! Thanks for everything, for your care, for your interesting and for my result after this difficult surgery!
Dr. Iliana Strouthou is a great doctor and she cares for her patients. I thought that the surgery of breast reduction will be painful for months but i was wrong. Only the first four days was hard but after the four days i feel great and i can do anything that i want. She is the best
A magnificent treatment that will boost up your appearance in no time!! The combination of Dr. Iliana’s Strouthou skills and knowledge with the magnificent environment and her approach, make this experience unique! So grateful for finally finding what I was a searching for!
Dr. Iliana Strouthou is a great doctor who cares for her patients and her work. She has been very supportive and caring to me. The surgery I’ve had was painless and I’m delighted with the results!
Morpheus8 is an amazing treatment that restores your skins youthfulness! The results are fantastic, my skin looks 15 years younger! Thank you Hliana Strouthou for this opportunity!
The doctor and her staff have been very helpful and very professional. Very happy with my results.
Dr. Iliana Strouthou is an outstanding professional. Very careful and pays attention to detail. She gives an honest opinion and only uses the highest quality of material. The results of her work are exquisite and the results are natural yet effective. It is an honour and privilege to have her on a permanent basis here.
Excellent, talented/skilled, caring physician knows exactly what you need and how much you need it..am so pleased with my results,prices affordable, beautiful professionally equipped clinic,what else do i need
I highly recommended Dr. Strouthou. She is very professional and extremely focused on the best possible outcome, very caring and very honest.
Excellent facial! Try the Hydrafacial! It is spectacular. Highly recommended !!!