Inner Thigh Lift

An Inner Thigh Lift, one of several forms of Thighplasty, is a surgical procedure that focuses on removing excess fat and loose skin from the inner thigh region. Patients interested in a Thigh Lift procedure have undergone a large amount of weight loss, leading to skin laxity that can prove unsightly when wearing a swimsuit or other revealing clothing.

Thigh Lift surgery can be tailored to address several common lower body cosmetic concerns, including:

  • Remove pockets of exercise resistant fat in the thighs.
  • Eliminate loose thigh skin that forms as a result of weight loss or ageing.
  • Increase self-confidence when wearing a swimsuit or revealing clothing.
  • Tighten and smooth skin in the inner thigh and groin region.

An Inner Thigh Lift is completed under general anaesthesia. The areas of loose skin targeted for removal are marked before beginning surgery to create an accurate template for incision placement during the procedure. If the patient has excess fat in the thighs, Liposuction may be used at the beginning of the surgery to remove the fat.

Once the patient has been numbed and any excess fat has been removed via Liposuction, the incisions are made in the designated areas. One incision will be made within the natural crease of the groin along the junction of the thigh and the pubic region. The length of the scar will depend on the amount of loose skin present but may extend from the front of the groin toward the crease of the buttock. Additional vertical incisions may be made within the inner thigh to address moderate-to-severe amounts of loose skin.

After the incisions have been made, the skin is pulled taut and any overhanging tissue is cut away. The two sides of the skin are then sutured shut to complete the procedure. The surgery may last between two and four hours.

Major complications with a thigh lift are rare, but include the possibility of excessive swelling that takes longer than normal to subside. Asymmetry between the two legs is another potential risk, as well as the side effects that are associated with any surgery such as negative reaction to anaesthesia, infection or blood clots. However, most men and women feel that the positive outcome far outweighs the minor risks of complications associated with a Thigh Lift.

The length of recovery will depend on which procedure was performed. Thigh Lift recovery takes about two to three weeks. Patients should plan on spending one week away from work and focus solely on healing for that time. Excessive lower body movement, including climbing stairs and squatting, can place pressure on the incisions and lead to complications. Dr. med. Strouthou provides specific instructions to their patients on how to minimise risks and change their daily routines to accommodate their incisions.

Soreness and discomfort will be managed using prescription pain medication during the first few days of recovery. Bruising and swelling will gradually diminish during the first two to three weeks. Compression garments may be used to further minimise swelling and hold the incisions in place. Any surgical drains and non-dissolvable sutures will be removed 1-3 days following surgery.

Results following a Thigh Lift procedure are instant. The removed tissue will provide an immediately noticeable improvement in the contour of the legs. Final results will develop for several months as residual swelling gradually decreases. Incisions will heal in two to four weeks, while the resulting scars will continue to improve for 12 to 16 months.